A Safe and Colorful Place to Play

Playground Oarja RomaniaIn the Habitat Community in the village of Oarja there are now over 100 children living. They did not have a safe place to play since the area is far from the city and is near a busy road. After seeing the children playing in the street while cars sped by, we knew something had to be done.
We found a nice spot as far away from the road as possible for added safety and with help from the HabiTeen (Habitat for Humanity Pitesti Youth Organization) and a team of international volunteers we built a very colorful playground for the children. Thanks to our generous donors the playground has a fence, swing set, monkey bars and a seesaw and is painted with the brightest paint we could find.

Our young HabiTeens were even able to plant new trees donated by the Arges County Forest Authority to hopefully one day give the children some shade. All the children learned how to care for their new trees and loved the training on how to water them. They were very happy to be part of helping their playground prosper. Even before the paint was dry, the children were antsy to get into their new space. They could hardly wait overnight before playing.Playground Habitat Community

Elena, a Habitat for Humanity partner family with a 9 year old son was telling me, “I am so thankful for a safe place for Ionut to play now. Since he has a learning disability I must watch him every second while he is playing outside. Now he is so distracted by the playground that I am able to let him play freely. He doesn’t leave the yard now because he is always busy swinging or playing games with the other children.”

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