Key Qualifications

During my professional and academic activity I accumulated knowledge and experience related to the following key qualifications:

  • Specialist knowledge and experience of social development, social inclusion, disadvantaged youth inclusion, youth empowerment and development, NGO capacity building;
  • Operational experience as program manager for community development projects, including design, budgeting, mobilization of funds, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and report-writing skills;
  •  Knowledge of requirements , and experience in budgeting and reporting to major donors from governmental agencies (USAID, Peace Corps, Romanian Government), international non-profit organization  (CHF International, Habitat for Humanity) and corporations (Lafarge, Daimler-Benz, Vodafone, Orange, MoneyGram, etc.);
  • Experience as manager in office management, financial management, human resources management and procurement;
  • Policy and strategic planning experience;
  • Representation and negotiation skills: experience with central and local public authorities, international and national funding entities, profit and non-profit local, national and international organizations;
  • Experience in social analysis, participatory research, participatory poverty assessments, social impact analysis, public consultations, conflict resolution and violence prevention;
  • Experience and a special interest for projects regarding minority groups issues (land and housing issues, vocational education, social inclusion);
  • Extensive expertise in social housing, water and sanitation, energy efficiency and disaster relief;
  • Skills in designing and implementing non-formal education programs, developing educational materials and facilitating workshops.