About Neighborhood Development in Romania

Romania | Neighborhood Development Romania is evolving after fifty years of communist regime and another twenty years of turbulent transitioning toward democracy and a free market economic system. These periods have left deep scars on the Romanian society. The lack of interest from local and national public authorities led to the emergence of additional poor areas and neighborhoods, inside or around the Romanian cities. Improper housing conditions, unemployment, lack of sanitary systems, electricity and heating, difficult access to education for children and health problems are everyday problems faced by many Romanians.

In order to create the premises for economic development in these areas it is necessary to elaborate and implement policies and measures specially designed to redevelop these distressed neighborhoods.

There is a big need for specialists in neighborhood development since this area of the economic development field is almost nonexistent in Romania.

In the last years, the central and local public authorities became interested in collaborating with specialists and forming partnerships with organizations specialized in community development to develop policies and procedures and to promote economic measures that may help these distressed areas.

Arges | Neighborhood DevelopmentCreating a group of specialists who know how to use economic development strategies to redevelop distressed neighborhoods will be a positive step towards breaking the poverty cycle for the people living in these communities in Romania.

Revitalizing distressed communities using programs such as housing rehabilitation, entrepreneurial skills training for local people, on-job requalification programs for unemployed, facilitating access for kids to education, etc.  will stimulate the general economic development of Romania.

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