A Safe and Colorful Place to Play

Playground | Oarja

In the Habitat Community in the village of Oarja there are now over 100 children living. They did not have a safe place to play since the area is far from the city and is near a busy road. After seeing the children playing in the street while cars sped … Read more →

A New Life for a Distressed Neighborhood

Poverty Housing | Oarja, Romania

In 2005, in my first month as executive director of Habitat for Humanity Pitesti, Romania, my construction manager told me about a deserted area outside of Pitesti city. I was intrigued by his story and we went together to see what was there. The place had three grey, old concrete blocks … Read more →

Family Homeownership and Community Leadership Education

Community Education | Meeting

I consider that community education is one of the key factors that make the work of any community development organization sustainable. Because of that, and because the Habitat Oarja Neighborhood was growing fast, I initiated a project focused to establish on-going community education about creating a family budget, establishing credit, understanding tax issues, and … Read more →

About Neighborhood Development in Romania

Romania | Neighborhood Development

Romania is evolving after fifty years of communist regime and another twenty years of turbulent transitioning toward democracy and a free market economic system. These periods have left deep scars on the Romanian society. The lack of interest from local and national public authorities led to the emergence of additional … Read more →