Affordable Housing

Innovative Solutions for Affordable Housing

Innovative Affordable Housing | Volunteers

During the period that I worked for Habitat for Humanity, I tried to find new and innovative solutions to resolve in some way the lack of houses in Arges County, Romania. Between 2005 and 2007, my team helped through hundreds of volunteers to renovate three 35 year old blocks with … Read more →

A New Life for a Distressed Neighborhood

Poverty Housing | Oarja, Romania

In 2005, in my first month as executive director of Habitat for Humanity Pitesti, Romania, my construction manager told me about a deserted area outside of Pitesti city. I was intrigued by his story and we went together to see what was there. The place had three grey, old concrete blocks … Read more →

A Journey from Luxury Villas to Affordable Housing

In 2005, when I joined the Habitat for Humanity team, coming from the for-profit construction sector, my friends told me that I was crazy because I was giving “luxury villas for affordable housing”. Crazy or not, I wanted to combine the experience of commercial activity with the ideals of one … Read more →