Mentoring – A Day at the Zoo

Mentoring Project | Zoo VisitAs part of the Mentoring Project activities, the mentors and mentees spent a great, sunny day at the Zoo. It was a much needed day. First, the children enjoyed learning about each animal while enjoying snacks. The mentors always love to feed them a ton of sweets before taking them home to their orphanage. They watched the tiger lazing around, the bears rough housing and the dingo antagonizing a bear ten times his size.
After this, we all spent some time in the play ground. The children loved being swung around the merry-go-round and could have stayed there getting dizzy for hours. If only we didn’t have another fun activity waiting for them. They were so excited to have a drawing contest and each made some drawings on the sidewalk with chalk. Mentoring Project | Zoo Group PhotoThe task was to draw their favorite animal that they saw that day. In the end, they all did such a great job and everyone got a reward of sweets. The children were all winners that day in the contest.
Next came face painting! They were turned into the animal of their choice by the mentors so they could take the animals of the zoo home that night. We are sure they all had amazingly exotic dreams that night of running through the jungle!

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