Mentoring Project – A Weekend in the Carpathian Mountains

Mentoring Project | Carpathian Mountains CampThe culmination of the Mentoring Project was a weekend in Bran, in the Carpathian Mountains.
The children were so excited to get there. They had been anticipating the fun activities and time to spend with their mentors for months.
When we arrived at the camp ground, we were first served lunch. The children ate more than the mentors! They were so excited to have so many options of food and sweets to choose from. Then they went right outside for a party. Snitzy, the lamb, was joined by pirates and clowns for one big party. The children had their faces painted, made sword balloons, played musical chairs and then got cake for desert!

Carpathian Mountains Camp | Kids Horse Riding

Then the children had a contest to see who could cover a mummy in toilet paper the fastest.

They even had a contest to see who could clean up the most toilet paper at the end. No littering in this environmentally friendly group! Then some of the kids played soccer with their mentors while the rest relaxed on hammocks or fed the deer. After dinner, the children enjoyed a huge bonfire while sipping on hot tea.

The next day was also full of excitement! The children rode horses, shot arrows for archery and even zip-lined through the forest.

They made arts and crafts and even had a drawing contest to illustrate their favorite experience of the weekend. Of course everyone won and received treats and bubbles to blow.

Carpathian Mountains Camp | Group Picture

It was a great weekend for the children and mentors to spend together in the Romanian mountains. No one wanted to leave! All the children were so tired from the exciting weekend that they slept the whole way home!


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