Mentoring Project – Planetarium Visit

Mentoring Project | PlanetariumIn the Mentoring Project we tried to form partnerships with many other organizations, from non-profit to commercial and the public sectors. I was happy to see that the large majority of the organizations that we approached for help with our project replied positively and sometimes ended up getting more involved than we initially discussed. This was the case with the local Planetarium, part of the Arges County Museum.

After getting to know each other over the Christmas holiday season, the mentors and mentees met for a fun day at the local Pitesti Planetarium.
The children were so excited to watch a “movie in the sky” (as they called it). Amazingly for children, they all sat and watched the movie with awe on their little faces. They were so well behaved and intrigued by the film about the solar system that the Planetarium director decided to show them another film. This time they watched a cartoon about space.
After loving this film, the Planetarium director decided that they were so happy to learn that he gave them a break and said they could all watch another film.

The children were so into the films that they almost didn’t want to leave their seats for a tasty snack. A little chocolate dragged them away and after filling their bellies with food, they were ready for another film. They sat with their mentors and learned some more.

Who knew learning could be so much fun?!

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