Favorite Mentoring Project

There is little known about mentoring children in Romania. There is a strong need for the less fortunate children from orphanages and disadvantaged families to have safe and educational time to learn and grow. Mentoring children is an essential part in any community. Children that come from working families spend … Read more →

Favorite Empowering Romanian Youth

During the communist regime in Romania, the youth were one of the main targets of the political propaganda and the Romanian Communist Party created three main youth organizations at the national level with local branches everywhere in the country. The Homeland Hawks (Soimii Patriei) organization was for the children up to … Read more →

Family Homeownership and Community Leadership Education

I consider that community education is one of the key factors that make the work of any community development organization sustainable. Because of that, and because the Habitat Oarja Neighborhood was growing fast, I initiated a project focused to establish on-going community education about creating a family budget, establishing credit, understanding tax issues, and … Read more →