Thermal Rehabilitation, an Efficient Solution for Housing Improvement

Thermal Rehabilitation | WindowsRomania has many housing problems because more than 80% of the houses were built more than 35 years ago and the large majority of the owners cannot afford to do the necessary maintaining repairs.
One of the biggest problems is poor thermal insulation of the houses and apartments which conduct to large losses of heat and to expensive heating bills.

In Arges County, the large majority of the people live in blocks of flats built in the communist era and without the possibility to pay for major repairs or improvements. Because of this, the inhabitants in this area need an affordable solution to resolve the thermal insulation problem.

In 2007, Habitat for Humanity Pitesti started a program dedicated to this kind of intervention and this program was a real success. By the spring of 2011, this program helped over 250 families to improve the thermal insulation of their houses.

In Romania, the cost of heating in the winter season is almost double than the rent paid by a normal family.

The rehabilitation program developed by Habitat for Humanity Pitesti reduces the housing costs with over 40% making a big difference in the families’ way of life.

Thermal Rehabilitation | New WindowsWith an average budget per repaired unit under $2,000, this kind of housing rehabilitation has a significant impact on the family’s life with fewer expenses for Habitat for Humanity.

Project goals:

  • Increasing the living conditions for people in need of decent, affordable housing;
  • Decreasing the payments for house heating or cooling;
  • Avoiding health problems generated by low temperatures in the houses (especially affecting the children).

By covering the exterior walls of the houses with thermal insulating materials and/or replacing the old exterior windows and doors with new energy efficient ones the heating loss is radically reduced. The new materials used for thermal insulation will assure improved comfort in the homes for a very long period of time without other interventions.

Improving the thermal insulation of the buildings allows not only an increase in thermal comfort but also a radical improvement in the external appearance of buildings, as you can see in the next photos.


Thermal Rehabilitation | BeforeThermal Rehabilitation | After

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